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Tips on (Re)Naming Your Business: How a Marketing Team Can Help

While it’s not wise to change your business name just because you’re bored with it, sometimes a refresh is in a company’s best interest — and that’s where a talented marketing team can step in to help. Perhaps your company’s name is too specific and no longer reflects the range of services you provide, or it simply isn’t standing out in a crowded industry. In any case, an outsourced marketing team can help you zero in on what isn’t working and come up with a new name, image and branding for your business that is more in line with your vision. Here are a few things to consider when you’re thinking of renaming.

Choose an Available Name

It’s no fun coming up with a great name, only to realize it’s already been taken by another company in your industry. A professional marketing team can do the legwork for you — checking for name availability, trademarking and creating social media handles to ensure that the rollout of your new image proceeds smoothly.

Find the Story Behind Your Name

You’ve spent a long time growing your company, so there’s a lot of personal history behind your mission and vision. When you’re considering a new name and a branding strategy, it’s important to think about the story behind the name. What does it mean to you, and what will it mean to your customers? A marketing team can collaborate with you to come up with a name and a backstory that accurately represents your company’s purpose and reflects the time you’ve spent building it.

Plan for the Rollout

Let’s face it — it’s going to take some time for your customers and professional connections to get used to your new name. That’s why it’s beneficial to have a marketing team at your side to prepare your company for a rebranding rollout. A professional team of copywriters, graphic designers and PR professionals will work to come up with the image behind your new brand, the collateral to support the renaming process and a guide on how to ease your customers into the change.

Ready to hit the ground running on your new name? Reach out to Design At Work today to get started on bringing your vision to life!

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