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Marketing Trends to Start 2021 the Right Way

Marketing trends

As we look ahead to the new year, it’s clear that how we work in 2021 will be a reflection of the many ways businesses have had to adapt their practices in 2020. From shifts in the way content is presented to the importance of personalization, it can be a lot to learn and keep up with. Design At Work is here to help – we’ve compiled a list of marketing trends to set your business up for success in 2021.


Information-Focused Content

While content marketing (through videos, blogs or social media posts) has always been the cornerstone of any good marketing strategy, it’s now a more effective tool than ever in building trust and credibility with an audience. Effective content marketing in 2021 should focus on informing your target audience – you’ve hooked them by enticing them to click on your blog post or landing page, now tell them how you can help solve their problems with your product or service. Doing away with content that focuses solely on self-promotion not only keeps audiences engaged but encourages them to share and attract new users.


Don’t Abandon Traditional Marketing Methods

2020 has thrown every company for a loop, and the world has turned its focus to digital marketing in an effort to capitalize on the new virtual way of conducting business. While adapting to the times is important when it comes to marketing, this isn’t the time to let up on traditional marketing methods. In fact, it may be a better time than ever to fill the void left by other companies who have focused their efforts elsewhere. Traditional marketing, or offline marketing, will always have its place in business and has proven effective in targeting local audiences through print ads, flyers, brochures, billboards or even a handwritten note. Giving audiences something tangible to remind them of your business will be sure to keep you top-of-mind.


Use Marketing Tools to Engage With Your Clients

When shutdowns swept the globe and businesses everywhere were shuttering, it became more important than ever to communicate regularly with clients to keep them informed on your company’s next move. This marketing trend is expected to remain strong going into 2021, as companies work to assure clients of their ongoing availability. Email marketing campaigns and social media efforts (think LinkedIn or Instagram) are a great way to keep your client base informed while building relationships and encouraging communication. Keeping your website up to date with informative banners, landing pages, pop-ups and contact forms shows that your business is proactive in keeping clients in the know.


Stay on Top of SEO

It’s common knowledge that Google continuously updates its algorithms and parameters for search, making search engine optimization (SEO) an imperative part of any marketing strategy. Keeping your site updated with relevant keywords and optimizing user experience will result in higher search rankings. Demand for local search is also significant, with data showing that most Google users search for what they need in their immediate area. Users also rely on positive ratings and photos when making decisions about businesses. Google My Business factors heavily into these local searches, so keeping your listing complete, detailed and updated on an ongoing basis is critical to your listing appearing when your products and services are searched.


In 2021, marketing will continue to reach beyond just making a sale – with a focus on personalization and information, you’ll connect with your client base to create long-lasting relationships. Feel like you don’t have time to implement these marketing trends in your 2021 plan? We can help with that. Contact our experienced marketing team to get your marketing plan on track for the New Year!