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New Year, New Horizons: Marketing Trends to Steer You Toward Success in 2022

2022 marketing trends illustration

A whole new year means a whole new adventure. Is your marketing strategy ready for it?

From mindful design to data-rich content, many of the marketing trends on the horizon are centered on navigating the expanding digital landscape. As eCommerce, social media and digital networking play increasingly larger roles in our day-to-day lives, theB2C and B2B businesses that will be leading the way tomorrow are prioritizing seamless, intuitive user experiences and integrated marketing strategies.

To help you stay ahead of the curve as we head into the uncharted waters of the new year, we’ve outlined marketing trends that can help steer you toward success in 2022.

Breathing Room

The tried-and-true principle of “less is more” is going strong when it comes to digital marketing and website design. We’re seeing a trend toward more white space and simplified text, allowing for more breathing room in design. This is often paired with more neutral color palettes. As our work and social lives have moved increasingly online — ramping up exponentially over the past year and a half — this design trend helps cut through the virtual clutter and provide relief from information overload. Check out Wealth Simple’s website or our client Alert Tech’s website for examples of this trend.

Short-Form Content

The days go by, and the attention spans get shorter. Today, an average users’ attention space on social media is just 8 seconds per post — shorter than that of a goldfish! But don’t let the limited screentime get you down. In 2022, the demand for short-form content such as Instagram Reels (60 seconds max) and Stories (only visible for 24 hours), quick tips and mini-blogs will be on the rise.

Data, Data and More Data

Data isn’t going anywhere. Analytics already play a powerful role in marketing and will continue to drive digital strategy in the year ahead. We’ve seen the resurgence of QR codes, which offer businesses a great tool to track the performance of everything from menus to magazine ads and have been helping clients launch integrated digital campaigns to stand out against the competition. In 2022, data will continue to inform and help optimize marketing.

Engaging Data Visualizations

While attention spans may be getting shorter, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for more complex content. “Scrollytelling” is emerging as a popular trend that breaks up long-form web content into more bite-sized pieces. This new-fangled style of storytelling uses animations, negative space, responsive charts and graphs, icons and images to offer users a fun, dynamic experience. This method is especially effective when used for brand storytelling, articles, research reports, timelines and webstores. See it in action in Evan Halshaw’s history of the James Bond cars and Pinterest’s 2021 insights report.

We know there’s a lot to keep your eye on as you gear up for the year ahead. But you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re ready to get a head start on 2022’s marketing trends, the team at Design At Work is here to help. Reach out to us to get started with your personalized marketing plan today.