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Marketing Your Business When You Grow Up.


Everybody Gets Awkward.

That unfortunate haircut. Those acid wash jeans. The inexplicably massive Beanie Baby collection. Life is full of awkward moments, but it’s all part of growing up. The same goes for businesses. As companies everywhere work to establish themselves, expand their reach and truly come into their own, growing pains are a given. It’s how they address those cringe-worthy moments that makes all the difference. Here are a few helpful tips for overcoming the awkward, and coming out stronger than ever before.

Keep your finger on the pulse.
Like pre-teens scouring magazines for their next new look, it pays to know what’s happening. Is the competition using social media? Is national news affecting local spending? Is glitter eyeshadow making a comeback? The better educated your company is now, the better your chances of catching subpar practices before they become real threats.

Avoid the temptation of trends.
The modern world moves faster than ever before. What’s in one day is out the next, and that makes it hard to keep up. Use discretion when referencing any hyper-recent trend — be it a popular meme or a top 40 hit — in marketing. Remember, today’s “dab” was yesterday’s “Harlem Shake.” You don’t want to appear out of touch.

Own up to the awkward.
Say it with us now: Everybody makes mistakes. Whether your company is reeling from a negative online review, coping with questionable media attention or simply feeling irked by a typo, it is important to admit fault when appropriate. Let others know mistakes were made, and what steps you’re taking to move past them. Customers and colleagues will appreciate the honesty, and respect you for working things out.

Team DAW doesn’t just claim to know “awkward.” We have the pictures to prove it. Take a look at a few prize shots of our crew looking less than their very best.


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