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My Business Has a Brand. Now What?

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Insights from Kelcey Hesse, Account Director / Executive Vice President:
When businesses go through an initial branding or rebranding, it can be… a lot. Logo update. Color changes. Messaging shifts. Website redesign. Business card revamp. So, by the time all this change has taken place — and typically for the better — you’re probably thinking “that’s it, right?” You’ve got that shiny new brand look and, boy, people are going to take notice.

In the words of college football legend Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friend.”

While establishing a brand for your business is important, it’s just one piece of the complicated puzzle we all call marketing. A brand gives your company or organization a personality. Pulls out what makes it different. Makes it appealing to your target audience. And creates a memorable look and experience for customers. So, once you’ve established a brand, you’ve got the foundation. But it’s the next steps that determine its success.

We’re going to outline some of the easy and effective ways you can help to build on the brand you’ve created — the key being not to let all that hard work that went into creating your brand go to waste. The job’s not done. In marketing your business, it never is.

Have You Spread the Word?

A new brand is a great reason to talk about yourself. If you’re a business that isn’t releasing a new product every day or doesn’t have a whole lot of newsworthy events happening, rolling out a new brand provides fodder for a press release, social media post, blog post and email to current or potential customers. It’s fun news. It’s good news. You need to share it. And it helps your audience see the new brand through multiple channels, while building awareness about your company.

Where Else Can You Leave a Mark?

Sometimes a business doesn’t think beyond their business card when it comes to their logo. Or they believe their website fulfills the duty of showing their prospective customers who they are. And that’s just thinking too small. A brand should be featured or represented internally and externally in as many places as possible. From your email signature to your warehouse walls, using a brand to reiterate your message and show consistency — along with a little company pride — only helps to solidify your company’s identity. Social media profiles are a great place to show off that tagline or unique icon. Make sure all your company’s profile and cover images align with brand guidelines. Internal and external forms or flyers should clearly follow brand standards. Branded internal culture items are key to informing your employees about the brand — they are essentially your brand ambassadors. It’s always a good idea to find creative ways to pull in your brand so it’s not just something that lives on your website. Live it, breathe it, spread it.

Is It Okay to Beat a Dead Horse?

Literally, no. Figuratively, yes. You can never get your brand in front of current and prospective customers enough. You may feel like everyone is getting tired of seeing your neon green and black logo with that super cool panda graphic, but they’re not. Customers do not see your brand as much as you do. The more they see it, the more they will remember you next time they need your product or service. That’s what it comes down to. Email marketing, social media, print advertising, digital marketing, billboards, mailings — all of the marketing and advertising mediums available (whether you do one or do all) help to emphasize and establish the brand you’ve created for your company. It’s essential you push out marketing and messaging to your audience, or that beautiful brand you created will get lost in the noise.

Not sure where to take your brand next? Don’t think your current brand is next steps worthy? Design At Work has helped hundreds of businesses define and create their brand and share it with the masses. Let us know how we can help yours.