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Myths of Marketing: Our Houston Marketing Agency Sets Things Straight.

Defining and debunking the biggest myths of marketing is easier said than done. Why? Because, in reality, one company’s myth is another company’s go-to marketing strategy. You see, just like every company is one-of-a-kind, so is its ideal approach. A top-notch marketing campaign will take into account everything from a company’s target demographic to its unique offerings and sales cycles. In other words, what works for one guy might not work for the next.

Design At Work has pulled together a few of the brilliant minds around our Houston marketing agency to lay out common myths of marketing — and things every company should consider.

Word of Mouth is Everything.

Positive customer comments go a long way for any company, but you can’t rely solely on others to get the word out. Your advertising and marketing plan needs to make sense for your business, whether that means writing and designing print ads, taking to social media, going the public relations route or exploring other avenues. Use other outlets to be top of mind for people, so when that time comes to make a referral, you’re the first company that comes to mind

Marketing Strategy is as Easy as ABC.

While certain techniques tend to work better than others, every company — and customer base — is different. (And yes. As this Houston marketing agency can attest, that can be a bit maddening.) Do a little research into what marketing methods have garnered the best results for your business, and follow your instincts. Also, be willing to try something new. As trends change and your company evolves, updated techniques can bring a boost in business.

Everybody Who’s Anybody is On Social Media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar sites can help a company connect with its employee base or target market, but an improperly managed account can do more harm than good. An outdated page, or one with only periodic posts, can give the appearance that your company isn’t willing to put in the time it takes to keep customers updated. (Even worse, an abandoned social media page could lead potential clients to question the legitimacy of your business.) Should you choose to roll out with social media, stay on top of your pages. Having a dedicated copywriter able to help can make a world of difference!

Have questions about these or other myths of marketing? Want to know a little more about our Houston marketing agency? Looking to amp up your marketing strategy? Whatever the case, we’d love to talk. Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started!

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