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National Women’s History Month: In It to Win It with Tricia Park

Q&A with Tricia Park for National Women’s History Month

It’s National Women’s History Month! In honor of women making moves and leading the charge, we chatted with DAW president and marketing tour-de-force, Tricia Park. Learn more about how DAW has grown over the years, why our “in it to win it” attitude sets us apart and where she finds her spark — spoiler alert, her passion is helping businesses put their best foot forward — in the Q&A below.

How has DAW evolved since you joined the company?

Technology: Over the past, even 10 years, technology has drastically changed how we run our business and help our clients market their businesses. It started out as just doing website development and has evolved to email marketing and now the growth of digital marketing (SEO, Google Ads and social media). Technology has transformed marketing by making campaigns more integrated and personalized. We’ve had to adapt and grow year after year, as everyone is looking for new ways to market to their audience.

Culture: The “in it to win it” mentality has really taken its own form. From rewards and recognition for employees who do their best to a general appreciation of each individual can be fostered in person and virtually, in group meetings and social events. The once-a-year Christmas party has been added to, with fun activities throughout the year to keep us engaged with each other.

Talent: Just as our business has grown and evolved, so has our talent. We hire more experienced, educated and trained team members, and we look for people that have the drive to provide the client the best work and experience they can give.

DAW is as a predominately female-staffed agency. How does this dynamic benefit our clients?

I believe that women value relationships and analyze situations successfully. This results in a great team effort that only benefits the work output for each of our clients. We use our relationship-building and communication skills to manage client relationships efficiently. This skill also allows our team to understand others’ points of view during the process.

How do you stay motivated, day in and day out?

When I leave the office every day, I say to myself that I’m grateful. For this business, the leaders and employees that give their all every day, having clients that believe in what we do and the opportunities I’ve been given.