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The Next Big Trend in Marketing Is Closer than You Think

The Next Big Trend in Marketing Is Closer Than You Think

Over the past few decades, virtual reality – referred to as VR for short – has been perceived as the way of the future. For example, if you’re interested in buying a pair of tickets on SeatGeek, the idea of putting on a headset and simulating sitting in the actual seat is only natural before making the purchase. As online shopping continues its meteoric rise, we can expect VR to keep growing in use as well.

However, the last few years have seen an uptick in the use of Augmented Reality too – more commonly known as AR. While marketing trends come and go, there is plenty of reason to believe this one is here to stay.

First…What Is Augmented Reality?

Do you have an overly energetic nephew who managed to steal your phone and download some strange camera app where he took selfies of himself with digital horns on his head along with a fake mustache? Or maybe he simply runs out into wide open fields and catches pokemon for hours on end? Either way, these are solid examples of how augmented reality works, short of the textbook definition: digitally modifying real world settings and objects.

Examples of Brands Already Using Augmented Reality

AR in marketing is far more refined than goofie selfie apps. You might not believe us when we say you’re already using augmented reality and might not have even realized it, but who we are kidding? With technology, nobody is surprised by anything anymore. Here are a few examples of brands using AR.

When you browse any listings of homes for sale, you probably saw several photos from inside, the rooms perfectly staged with furniture and various decorative knick-knacks. You guessed it – some of that staging might have been digital. Realtors and sites are increasingly photographing empty properties and enlisting the help of AR to round out the design and get them sold faster.

Another great example involves the paint department at Home Depot and other stores. Were you itching to see what those walls in your house would look like with the colors of paint you selected? The technology behind augmented reality allows you to easily leverage their platform and experiment with the finished look before committing.

Would Your Business Benefit from the Use of AR?

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