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Three Tips for Selecting the Right Outsourced Marketing Agency

The decision to work with an outsourced marketing agency or full-service advertising agency can be a wonderful thing. It gives you a team of people dedicated to getting your brand out there in a clear, cohesive way. It provides you access to marketing strategies to grow your client base and business. It frees up your own team members to focus on what your company does best. Of course, the success of any of those things depends on finding the right outsourced marketing agency to begin with.

A quick Google search of “Houston marketing agency” or “Houston marketing firm” brings up countless results, and that’s just in Space City alone. To find the outsourced marketing agency that’s right for your company, you need to consider a range of factors. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The Proof is in Your Potential Agency’s Past Work

It’s one thing for a full-service advertising agency to tell you they do great work. It’s another thing to see that work for yourself. Just as you’d expect a job candidate to bring their resume or portfolio to an interview, you should expect a marketing and advertising agency to want to show off a little. Ask to see examples of projects they’ve done for companies in your industry — or simply to see work they’re proud to call their own. Many outsourced marketing and advertising agencies include featured examples on their websites, adding affirmation that not only did they create the work, but the client was happy with the finished product.   

Opt for an Agency That’s Willing to Work with You

When interviewing outsourced marketing agencies, ask about their process. After all, relationships are all about balance — even when that relationship is with your marketing firm. Your marketing agency should take into consideration everything from your previous advertising efforts, to current goals and the overall look you’re going for. From there, they can craft a campaign that makes your vision a reality. Remember, even the best marketing campaign isn’t perfect from the start. Are there colors you don’t like? Is the wording not quite right? Your advertising agency should make it a point to incorporate your feedback while still offering their professional opinion on trends and ways to make your brand stand out.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Small Details

Finding an outsourced marketing agency that listens to you — and whose work blows you away — isn’t all. You have to have the basic “nuts and bolts” covered, too. Can your company afford the monthly retainer the potential firm charges? Are there extra fees you should be aware of? Is that full-service advertising agency easily accessible via phone or email — and available to help in an after-hours emergency? Make it a point to ask your potential agency how they might handle various situations that might come their way.

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