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Outsourced Marketing Teams: Top 4 reasons why a marketing agency can build your brand for you

It can take a village to see solid marketing plans through — which is why savvy business owners rely on marketing agencies to act as their outsourced marketing team. Depending on the size of your business, marketing efforts can take up a lot of your precious time. Instead of piling on the work, many small businesses take advantage of outsourced marketing by contracting with advertising agencies, like Design At Work. Benefits range from cost savings to a team of experts — check them all out!

Team of Marketing Experts

With a marketing agency, you have a dedicated team overseeing your brand consistency, marketing campaigns, content development, collateral creation and website maintenance. Not to mention, a team of experts ensures you’re consistently engaging customers through various marketing channels, from social media to email marketing. With your own outsourced marketing team made up of an account person, copywriter, graphic designer and web developer, your business can optimize the expertise available while leveraging the latest industry techniques and strategies.

Lower Cost

Like what you’re reading? We thought so. Hiring an individual for each marketing position can be challenging, time consuming and costly. When you hire an outsourced marketing department, you’re gaining a team with synergy who can easily augment your internal staff. Instead of being responsible for everyone’s salary, you pay a flat rate each month for their collective expertise ­— which is oftentimes much less than what you’d pay just one employee.

Outside Insight

Working with a marketing agency means you’ll have open and honest conversations about marketing strategies and sales, which doesn’t always happen with internal teams. Employees may be reluctant to share their opinions or ideas leading to a stifled and possibly low-performance environment.

Freedom to Focus

It’s simple: You have a business to run. Developing and implementing marketing plans can be time-consuming and take you away from tasks that require your attention. Hiring a top marketing agency with team members who have diverse backgrounds means they have the manpower to create anything you need to market to your target audience.

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