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Baby Got Pack—aging.


If clothes make the man and a picture is worth a thousand words, then can you judge a book by its cover? Absolutely. When you have a product that’s competing for precious shelf space and the attention of your potential customers, you need compelling packaging to spark interest, convey your product’s brand promise and ultimately drive sales.

Think packaging doesn’t matter? In the 1970’s, an enterprising advertising executive built a small fortune and created a nationwide craze primarily through packaging. By taking a common (and cheap) river stone and combining it with a clever box and packaging that told a story, the Pet Rock was born. While the craze was understandably short-lived, it clearly reinforces the value of packaging – in this case, the packaging was the product!

When determining your packaging needs, it helps to begin by establishing the specific objectives for telling your product’s story. Do you need to convey its deliciousness and all-natural ingredients? Are you filling a niche with a technologically superior device? Perhaps you need to create a perception around the product’s affordability or exclusivity – your packaging can and should help provide those subtle clues to a shopper.

For help with all your packaging needs, look to Design At Work. We’ll start by generating several creative and effective ideas and then take you all the way through developing the packaging and labeling. With our assistance, you’ll have memorable packaging design that is sure to get your product remembered.

When you need packaging that sells, give Design At Work a call. We guarantee you’ll get top notch packaging and labeling that’s sure to get you noticed.

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