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PR Win: How Press Releases Boost Brand Recognition

When you think of marketing, public relations may not immediately be top-of-mind. And in the age of social media, tablets and smartphones, the press release may seem like an old-fashioned way to keep consumers apprised of your company’s achievements. But the press release lives on, and modern media makes them more effective than ever. And whether it’s sharing company news, announcing an upcoming event or responding to a crisis, here are three ways that press releases can boost your company’s brand recognition.

Improve Your SEO

As technology improves, search engine optimization gets better and smarter. SEO now goes beyond keywords and encompasses image descriptions, alt tags and links. If your press release is well-written and gets high engagement, this could boost your company’s search engine results, especially in categories like Google’s “News” section. The higher your company ranks in searches, the better your brand recognition will be.

Generate Social Media Buzz

Nowadays, a lot of people turn to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for the latest news updates, made all the easier with the addition of hashtags. This means that public relations content on social media is exceedingly popular and sharing your press release on your company’s social media could give your brand a leg up. Additionally, you can continue to use your release for future tweets and status updates to continue to drive traffic to your website.

Hone in On Your Target Audience

Whatever industry your company’s in, your press release will be specific to that industry and ultimately read by your target audience, who will be the most likely to respond to any calls to action that are included in the release. In this way, a press release maximizes your reach to the customer you’re trying to entice, ultimately bringing in new business. It never hurts to be in touch with the people who share your mission and interests. We’d call that a public relations win.

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