Do you offer stellar service? Create a one-of-a-kind product? Have exciting company news? That’s great! But it doesn’t do you much good if no one knows about it. That’s where public relations comes in.


Public relations differs from typical marketing and advertising in that you create it organically and it comes free of charge. You aren’t purchasing ad space in a magazine or newspaper. Instead, you’re educating area media outlets about what makes your company great, piquing their interest and getting newsworthy stories out there for the public — and potential customers — to see. As a top public relations agency in Houston, Design At Work loves telling our clients’ stories in innovative ways that cause people to take notice.


While some public relations firms just scratch the surface, Design At Work digs in. We put our knowledge and creativity to work in ways that get to the heart of what you’re all about and then get your company noticed. Whether that means crafting an in-depth press release, targeting bloggers with giveaways and informative guest posts, developing out-of-the-box videos—or even taking your bagpipers on a media tour of the city—trust us, we’ve done it all.


Anxious to get the ball rolling and get potential customers interested? Let’s get to work! Give us a call. We’ll have you making headlines and gaining recognition in no time!

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