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What is the Purpose of a Press Release? The Answer is Quite Simple.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, ‘What is a press release, and why do I need one?’ You are not alone! In marketing, we see press releases all the time. However, it may not be apparent to those outside of the industry what the primary purpose of a press release is and why all businesses should use them. Read on for more information on a press release and why they are needed.

Let’s Get to the Point

The main purpose of creating a press release is to announce something meaningful for your business and to stay top-of-mind to your industry and audience. While the word “important” can sound general, it truly means anything significant that is worth getting out to the media. Relevant topics can include grand openings, major expansions, a massive donation, executive new hire and so on. Just make sure whatever you need to say gets right to the meat of the event and is clear and concise. 

Writing a Press Release

A successful press release can be broken down into two parts. Part one typically jumps right into your big news. The media and any outside readers will want to know the five W’s and one H: 

  • Who – The business or person of focus
  • What – The event that took place surrounding the who
  • Where – The city, state and country of the event
  • When – Timeframe of the event that took place
  • Why – The reason the event is important to share
  • How – The way it happened

Press releases don’t need to be wordy and can be favored if they say everything they need to in a page or less. As long as you have the five W’s and one H, your press release should start just the right way. For example, if there is a new state-of-the-art hospital grand opening, the hospital and its grand opening should be mentioned right away along with where and when it will open. In this case, it would also help to explain why it’s important and sprinkle in thought-provoking facts. 

Facts peppered in a press release can help engage readers while offering relevant information. Referring back to our hospital grand opening example, some tidbits to include could be the facility’s square footage, how many physicians will be on-site and any additional exciting features. Something else that is important to address is the decision-makers who had a hand in your event. Obtaining or writing a quote from someone like the President, CEO or any other key position is likely to draw in your audience and ignite excitement around your subject.

Part two of any press release typically includes more general information about your business or any other relevant groups or people mentioned in part one. Just a paragraph will do to explain some background and inform those who may not know critical details such as a company’s established date, what industry it focuses on and who it serves. Don’t forget to double-check your spelling, grammar and release date before sending it on its way to a press release site who can help spread the word. 

When to Take a Step Back

If you are finding yourself struggling to answer the five W’s and one H when constructing your press release, it may be time to take a moment and reevaluate why you are writing one in the first place. You may be missing information or unsure of critical components, and that’s okay! You can always come back to your press release when you feel you have enough information to make it work for the benefit of your company. 

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