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Facebook Best Practices: How Would You Rate Your Social Media Management?

To boost engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, your company’s social media management needs to be effective. From Facebook ads to your business social media account, it’s critical to know the best practices to improve interaction, increase clicks and drive traffic to your website.

Business Social Media Account

Offering information on your business’ Facebook account is important. You can share a variety of details your audience may find interesting, from services and offers, to videos and events. You can also respond to reviews, which opens a direct line of communication with your clients and customers. The more content and graphics you share, the more there is to interact with, and the longer individuals may stay on your page or click to your website. It’s also critical to keep your Facebook account updated. There is nothing worse than an outdated page. Not only will people leave your Facebook business page quickly, but there’s a greater chance they won’t make it to your website.

Post Images

According to social media strategist, Jeff Bullas, Facebook posts with images see on average a 37% increase in engagement. We live in visual culture and graphics are king. So, what images should you post? Share a new product — or better yet, a customer using your new product. Post a picture of your team at an employee event. Wow your audience with an infographic instead of just posting stats and data. The possibilities are endless and really any post with an image will improve your social media engagement.

Facebook Ads & Boosting Posts

Want to be seen by even more people? Facebook ads and boosted posts can help you reach a targeted audience of your choosing. A boosted post is one that you’ve already shared on your Facebook business profile. You can pay to boost the post, and your post turned ad will run for the duration you set and appear on your audience’s news feed. It’s really that simple. You can also create a Facebook ad through Ads Manager. These ads are much more customizable and can help you increase website conversions, video views and online orders.

For these and more Facebook best practices, contact the social media gurus at Design At Work! Our social media management experts can help you make the most out your business Facebook account.

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