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Have you ever noticed after you visit a website, maybe to admire a purse or a new set of golf clubs, that you suddenly see advertisements for that website everywhere? Well, you can thank a digital marketing strategy called retargeting for tempting you to go back and make the purchase. Also known as remarketing, retargeting ads are related to Google AdWords. The ads are specifically shown to previous site visitors when they search for related terms on Google or when they visit websites that are part of the Google Display Network. Retargeting ad formats can include something as simple as a text ad, a more interesting video or an image ad, and can be displayed on mobile devices and tablets too.

Well-planned retargeting ads can be extremely effective since they direct advertising efforts specifically to interested parties. At Houston advertising agency Design At Work, our digital marketing team offers remarketing solutions either as an individual service or as a key component within a larger, more comprehensive digital strategy to market yourself successfully in the digital world. So give us a call, let our team of baby geniuses lend you a hand and start enjoying the fruits of your remarketing labors.

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