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Responsive Website Design is Critical for End Users


Responsive website design (RWD) has become a critical function for building a website. With masses of internet users all on varying devices it has become increasingly difficult to create a webpage that formats easily to all of these devices. Learn how RWD addresses this issue.

Encourages Lingering

How long a visitor stays on your website is a big deal. If the layout of your website looks sloppy and is hard to navigate, visitors will not stay engaged. This can be an issue if a website was designed for desktop viewing but does not adjust format well when viewed on a tablet or cell phone. The flexibility of RWD adjusts to varying screen sizes and formats, encouraging people to scroll through your website longer because it will be easy to read and navigate from almost any device.

Increases Traffic

Most consumers are on the run these days, which means they are not searching for information from a computer at their desk, but increasingly more likely to be using their cell phone. Since RWD auto formats to fit the user’s device, someone looking up your website on the run will be able to utilize your site without issue. This increase in usability translates into an increase in traffic.

Provides Seamless Transition

Active users on your website will be pleased with the seamless transition from one device to the other. If you offer services online that your customer base will need access to, this is extremely important to them. Offering users the versatility to switch between their laptop, tablet and cell phone means that your company is always available to them no matter what device they use and all devices provide the same look and feel that they have come to expect from your online services.

Improves Search Engine Optimization

When you hire a web design company that incorporates RWD into your business’ website, it will have a higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Since this format is user focused and high-quality, end users are more likely to stay on longer. The increased use and satisfaction add to this higher ranking, whereas sites that are more complicated create a higher bounce rate that Google factors into the rating. If users return to their search because your site was too difficult to navigate, this will factor into your website’s rating drop.

A responsive website is more efficient overall. It makes it easier for your audience to stay engaged with your online content no matter what device they’re on and it’s user friendly. Do you need to update your website so it’s responsive? You’re in luck, we’ve got experts in website design that would love to help update your company’s webpage. Contact us to get started!