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Restaurant Marketing Ideas When Foot Traffic Is Low.

There are many reasons a restaurant may not be seeing as much foot traffic as they might like. Natural disasters and fast-developing events like the recent coronavirus pandemic can create situations where customers are uncertain of what your restaurant is offering – or if you’re open at all. However, there are several things you can do as a restaurant owner to inform customers of your status, as well as urge them to continue being a patron during uncertain times.

Reach Out on Social Media

Social media can allow you to reach a wide audience quickly. Create social media posts across as many platforms as apply to your business and educate your already loyal followers on your current hours, how your team is doing, specials you’re running or how they can order from your restaurant. Use relevant and popular hashtags to get your posts seen by other potential customers outside your followers.

Offer relevant content, and increase your views, get more engagement and better persuade customers to order from your restaurant. Seeing your presence on social media lets your followers know you are still active and committed to their buying experience.

Paid Advertising

Have a little extra money to spend? During times of uncertainty, restaurants frequently pull back on their marketing. If you do have the ability to run digital advertising, now’s a good a time as ever to capture a new audience through different forms of paid ads. It’ll help push your restaurant out there and cast a wider net. Paid ads can appear to your audience in several ways, including videos, images and several other eye-catching designs.

  • Social Media Ads — Carousel, Click to Web, Page Like, Slideshow, Video
  • PPC Ads — Pay Per Click ads
  • Gmail Ad — Short text ads

Reaching a big audience is essential, especially when foot traffic is low. Whether someone is cruising on Instagram and Facebook or browsing on Google and YouTube, you have a better chance of reaching existing or new customers with paid ads.

Create Signage

Create large, professionally designed banners or signage and hang on the exterior of your restaurant. Signs that include verbiage such as ‘Now Open,’ ‘Grand Opening’ or ‘Free Delivery’ are sure to get people’s attention. Cohesive signage informs people that you are open for business, adds something special to your storefront and can catch people who may be driving or walking by. 

Push Promos

Any promotion you can offer during slow times should be showcased across any and all platforms you decide to use, whether print or digital assets. Some things you might be able to offer would include:

  • Free delivery
  • Free item with minimum order
  • Percent-off coupon
  • Buy one, get one coupon
  • Bundle or party pack deals

Especially during times where low foot traffic is ongoing, nothing brings people in the door (or ordering over the phone or online) like a good promo!

Don’t be afraid to come up with a simple yet effective campaign and get the word out there! Need some help? Design At Work has years of experience creating amazing campaigns and all of the assets to go with them. Contact us today.

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