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The Science Behind Email Campaigns

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So, you put together an amazing email campaign. It has great content your audience will find intriguing and relevant. There are captivating images to draw people in. You thought of a killer call to action that is sure to motivate people to take action. But will anyone read or see what you’ve sent? Not if they don’t open your email.

When it comes to measuring the success of email campaigns, open rates and click-through rates will tell you how you did. Open rates mean just that – the percentage of recipients who actually opened the email – while click-through rates illustrate the number of people who clicked on a given link within the email (ideally one that takes them to your site or a landing page on your site).

However, to get a website conversion, your target audience has to be enticed to open the email in the first place – which is where science comes in to play. If it’s too long or too short, includes certain words or leaves specific words out or is personalized or generic, all add up to a recipient taking one of two actions: opening or deleting your email. The following tips and tricks have proven trustworthy when it comes to getting people to open emails.

Don’t Babble. Subject lines that are too long will be cut off. Plus, research shows that most people are checking and reading emails on mobile devices, which affords a smaller space for characters. You also can’t forget that attention spans are greatly reduced, increasing the need for a short, catchy subject line.

Make Yourself Known. Think about how much spam email you receive. Just like you, your recipients are hesitant to open emails from an unknown sender. Using a name that is familiar to recipients, like the president of a company or a lead sales person, will improve your open rates.

Give a Hint. Entice your audience to open your email by letting them know what they can find inside. Are you providing a coupon? Are you offering a free downloadable guide? Are you giving them a first-look at sale items? Letting the recipient know what he or she will get out of your email increases the chances of them opening it up.

Schedule it Right. Depending on your industry and email content, there are good, better and best times to distribute emails. For example, if you know it’s typical for many people work from home on Fridays, you would want to aim to email your list earlier in the week. Similarly, if you know it takes your target audience a few touches (i.e. follow up emails, phone call, etc.) before they’ll act, you’ll need to send your email early enough in advance.

Design At Work’s team incorporates these tips and more into our email marketing strategy. Talk to us today about your open rate.