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Successful Marketing Strategies for Attracting New Business

Successful Marketing Strategies for Attracting New Business

If your company has recently been attracting less-than-ideal business, it may be due to your less-than-ideal marketing strategy. Forgotten websites, confusing copy and misled audiences could be affecting the business you bring in. Luckily, there are way to implement a successful marketing strategy with a few easy tweaks to your current approach that will attract new and valuable customers to your organization.

Refresh Your Copy

Some parts of a marketing campaign will always remain the same, such as your business address or website URL. But part of a successful marketing strategy means taking a moment to review your business information every now and then. Did your phone number change? Have you added or removed a product or service offering? It’s easy to forget to review the information you think is standard, but a small change in the way you do business could call for a total overhaul of things like your website navigation, invoice footers or contact information. You want the most up-to-date information so that the clients you want to attract can find you and have an accurate understanding of what your business will offer them.

Get Your Point Across

An easy marketing pitfall is cramming too much information into too little time or space. You should be able to explain your business and its offerings in one to two short, succinct sentences — and your marketing strategy should reflect the same thinking. Focusing on too many products or services in an advertisement, for example, can easily confuse your audience and leave them wondering what you do in the first place. Your branding should be memorable, and your message clear and compelling, bringing top-of-mind awareness to the audience you’re targeting.

Focus on Feedback

Throughout your marketing campaign, take some time to collect feedback from your customers. Ask them where or how they discovered your business. Was it from a specific ad? An online review? If there is a trend among answers, you’ll be able to analyze what is working — and what isn’t — and tweak your approach accordingly. Any successful marketing strategy involves customer feedback, and knowing where and how your customers are finding you will allow you to take definitive action in getting your message through to the appropriate channels.

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