Your Marketing Team.

Copywriters. Graphic designers. Web developers. Account managers. A full-service marketing team, all under one roof. We can do it all, but not without the help of some pretty amazing team members who are passionate about growing your business.

Since 1990, Design At Work has relied on the talent and creativity of some of the best writers, designers and developers in the business to wow our clients and make us one of the top marketing firms in Houston. Our people are our biggest asset and this eclectic group of Baby Einsteins loves nothing more than creating the best and most intelligent work to help you grow your business.

Tricia Park


Pure energy. As president of Design At Work, Tricia’s in constant motion, managing all facets of the agency. In her relentless pursuit of helping our team members help their clients succeed, Tricia never slows down. In fact, occasionally we must remind her to breathe.

Proud to be a perfectionist, Tricia can power through virtually any obstacle to streamline your marketing goals and business objectives. She’s full of ideas, generating equal amounts of passion for both the grandest of business strategies and the tiniest details.

Tricia joined Design At Work in 1997 after receiving her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Houston. During her 20+ years here, she worked tirelessly in several operations and account management roles, eventually taking on overall day-to-day responsibility for Design At Work before being named president in 2016. Need an energy boost? Have a conversation with Tricia!