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For more than 25 years, Design At Work has been the first word in branding and advertising — making our amazing mark among the elite of Houston marketing firms. And our eclectic group of incredibly talented and creative professionals is a large part of that. We like to think of ourselves as Baby Einsteins — creating the best and most intelligent work to grow your business.

John Lowery
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John Lowery

Founder and CEO

Renaissance Man. That’s how we describe John Lowery, Design At Work founder and president. And like many Renaissance men before him, John is always up for breaking the mold. Advancing the cause. Finding a better way. That’s where Design At Work comes in — a great-minds solution for small to midsize companies to market and grow their business.

Prior to founding Design At Work in 1990, John worked as an art director for both Jay Advertising and Space Industries, Inc. Channeling his inner da Vinci, John began his career as an illustrator for NASA, where he was published both nationally and internationally. His universal experiences in all facets of the marketing industry have given him the ability to create impressive marketing campaigns in many industries. John has developed Design At Work to be a successful business based on great work ethic and sound business savvy.

John’s jack-of-all-trades mentality doesn’t stop with Design At Work. He is also involved in many non-profit organizations, including Devereux Texas, a nationwide network of behavioral healthcare facilities specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents and adults, where he serves on the local and national board. He is a member of Deacons of Deadwood, a motorcycle club committed to raising money for local children’s charities. In addition, John is an active member in many networking groups, and is a member of Vistage, a top-tier executive training program.

Embracing any opportunity to experience new things, John enjoys exploring the great outdoors via Airstream, keeping the beat for Kirby & the Kruisers, and hitting the greens to work on his golf swing. You see, where there’s a will, there’s a John Lowery — opening the door to a world of marketing and advertising possibilities for your business.

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Tricia Park


Occasionally we have to remind her to breathe. She’s full of ideas, and doesn’t want to waste one minute of her time — time she could be spending on you, her prized client. Speaking of prizes, have you ever seen an auctioneer?

Tricia can rival any auctioneer in spoken words per minute. With so many ideas and so much to say, you’ll want to place your bid on Tricia when it comes to advertising and marketing for your company.

Prior to joining Design At Work in 1997, Tricia received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Houston. Today, she serves as president, where she’s always in constant motion, overseeing client services and operations. Proud to be a perfectionist, Tricia can streamline your marketing goals and business objectives. Going once. Going twice. Sold on Tricia is what you’ll be!

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Kelcey Hesse

Director of Creative Services

There are Beatle fans. And then there are Beatlemaniacs. The latter is where Kelcey resides.

While we lean toward just letting it be, Kelcey’s fervor for the Fab Four has carried over into her role as Director of Creative Services. Her energy and imagination come together to help clients create memorable branding campaigns and spot on marketing plans.

A graduate of Texas A&M University, Kelcey has been here, there and everywhere, receiving her bachelor’s degree in Journalism in 2004, and a master’s degree in Mass Communication Studies in 2007 from the University of Houston.

Her long and winding road at Design At Work began as a Public Relations Account Executive. A few hard days nights later she decided to spend the day in the life of an Account Manager. Nine years down the line and with a little help from her friends, she now serves as a Director where she manages a team of account managers and lends her creative mojo to the team eight days a week.

From yesterday to today, Kelcey is always about giving your business that “something.” So say hello (or goodbye) to taking your business to the next level.


Adnan Ahmad

Web Developer

Seize the day. Live in the moment. For Adnan Ahmad, it’s all in a day’s work. As a web developer at Design At Work, Adnan fuels his creativity by grabbing his camera, setting out on foot and taking in the world around him.

Multimedia was always a calling for the lifelong 90s kid, who was born in Pakistan and raised in Houston. He began his studies focused on computer science, but found his true calling once the web developing bug bit. Adnan obtained his bachelor’s degree in computer information systems (CIS) from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

When he isn’t programming awesome websites that get clients noticed, he’s brushing up on his photography and videography skills or kicking back with a videogame.

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Allison Miles

Director of Public Relations

Some children dream of becoming doctors or astronauts, or perhaps even a superhero fighting crime. For Allison Miles, the dream was simple. She wanted to write. And ever since she first put crayon to paper, she’s been doing just that.

Allison is an Indiana native with current ties to the Lone Star State, and a graduate of Texas A&M University (Whoop!). She spent years in the newspaper world before making her way to Design At Work.

As a Director of Public Relations, she works not only to get clients’ messages out, but to bring big results. And that isn’t child’s play.

Andrea Chinelliott

Web Developer

Some people are gluttons for structured left-brain thinking. Others like the right brain’s creative freedom. For Design At Work Web Developer Andrea Chinelliott, it’s all about balance. A former math teacher and lover of all things art, Andrea’s analytical and imaginative sides exist in perfect harmony.

She first dove into web work in junior high, when she started learning to code for fun. She continued honing her skills through the years but, while at the University of Houston, branched out with courses in everything from creative writing to tai chi — and every science she could find. Today, Andrea’s open mind and thirst for knowledge guide her in programming websites that give clients something different.

While she loves her client work, Andrea has plenty of other out-of-office hobbies, too. On evenings and weekends, you’ll find her playing card games or music, kicking back with comic books, painting or enjoying time with friends. It’s all about balance.


Brittany Woodson

Director of Graphic Design

Don’t call Brittany a country girl. While she may lay down roots in Conroe, she has an inside-the-loop attitude.

Brittany found her niche in graphic design at the Kendall College of Art and Design, graduating in May 2004. Since then she has rolled up her sleeves and worked hard to brand her own style of design, lending loads of design knowledge and expertise to all of her clients.

With a large family and a love for animals, Brittany cultivates a range of skills and a grazing eye for successful design — a country girl at heart, but a big city girl in design.

Cassie Croft

Client Coordinator

Cassie loves a challenge. From immersing herself in foreign cultures to training for the MS 150 bike ride, there’s nothing she enjoys more than embarking on a new adventure.

A born and raised Houstonian, Cassie left the Bayou City to attend college at the University of Oklahoma, where she earned her degree in journalism with an emphasis in public relations. After graduating, Cassie raised the stakes, teaching middle school history for three years before transitioning into a career as an executive assistant and marketing liaison for a boutique estate management firm.

With experience in office coordination, client relations, and managing everything from calendars to a classroom full of kids, Cassie is using her skills and drive to make Design At Work an exceptional office like no place you’ve been before.

Danielle Hicks

Director of Account Services

At your service. That’s exactly what Danielle will be for your company — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a background in hotel hospitality and management, this graphic designer turned account services guru knows a thing or two about customer satisfaction and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, Danielle honed her skills at a boutique agency before bringing her talent to the Design At Work team. After continuing to exceed clients’ artistic expectations as a designer, her zeal for making people happy inspired her to step into the role of account manager. Using her passion for building relationships and delivering results, Danielle quickly put her clients on an elevator destined for the top tier of success.

As director of account services, Danielle now ensures each and every Design At Work client receives the full VIP treatment. From helping our clients set and achieve growth goals to working with internal teams to improve quality and performance, her efforts always lead to a five-star customer experience. Check in to a marketing plan that gives your business the view from the top when you book your stay at Hotel de Hicks.

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Fred M. Lowery, Jr.

Director of Communications

A happy camper. That’s how Fred describes himself and it’s what he wants our clients to be. As the owner of a small vintage-style RV, Fred spends his free time adventuring near and far, taking in all of the sights, scenery and experiences he can.

With nearly 20 years of industry experience under his belt, Fred embarked on another new adventure by joining the Design At Work team as director of communications. After graduating from Rice University with a Bachelor of Arts in political science, Fred began his career as a benefits analyst. He realized he enjoyed the communication aspect of his role the most, and eventually transitioned into a communications-focused position. And, from there, he hit the open road for a career in the field.

Working mostly in the professional services and financial services industries, Fred has a knack for taking technical or complex concepts and explaining them in easy-to-understand ways. And, as director of communications, that’s exactly what he’s doing for our clients — bringing clarity to their messages. He also serves as a knowledgeable resource for industry expertise, provides guidance on marketing strategy and ensures we’re addressing our clients’ — and their clients’ — needs. So, when you want a clear, strategic message, jump on the Happy Camper Wagon.


Lauren Alvarado

Operations Manager

As an avid dancer, Lauren knows how to choreograph a successful routine, making her the perfect lead for the day-to-day operations at Design At Work.

A native of Spring, Lauren received her Associate of Arts degree from Lone Star College and has a background in office management. When not helping out clients and the DAW team, you can find her taking classes at the University of Houston, attending concerts by her favorite bands or volunteering with the charity, “A Child’s Hope.” With so many activities in her own repertoire, it’s easy to see how Lauren can manage and effortlessly execute a busy DAW schedule. From planning an event to keeping the office in tip-top shape, you can rely on Lauren to show off some great moves!


Lyndy Yossundharakul

Senior Graphic Designer

What’s the recipe for fresh, creative and effective graphic design? You add a dollop of artistic talent, a dash of experience both at design studios and as a freelancer and a pinch of fun personality that includes a passion for cooking and salsa and swing dancing.

Mix this winning combination in with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, with an emphasis on magazine design, from the University of Missouri, and Lyndy brings more than enough expertise to the table.


Mandy Saenz

Senior Graphic Designer

Mandy is a fixer upper. That is, she’s a hands-on, down-and-dirty, flip-this-house type of designer. For her, design goes far beyond the pen and paper and extends into a passion for interior decorating and remodeling, as well as graphic design.

A 2006 graduate of the University of North Texas, Mandy’s got all the skills and experience to enhance your brand, giving you an edge in the market. In fact, you could say she’ll have you “trading spaces.”

So, whether your image needs to be slightly refurbished or completely overhauled, this “weekend warrior” has the tools for the job.


Rebekah Maurin

Director of Content Marketing

School is in session and as a former teacher with a degree in English, Rebekah has the perfect combination of skills, dedication, and passion to make her pupils successful – or in other words, she has the masterful ability to take her clients to the next level with expertly crafted creative copy.

A graduate of Illinois State University, Rebekah is a Houston transplant who’s now gone from managing students in a classroom to managing client accounts at Design At Work. Whether she is writing content for your website or updating your social media presence, Rebekah doesn’t just want your marketing to pass, she wants your business to be at the top of the class.