marketing technology companies.

How marketing materials like content creation and tradeshow booth design move your technology business forward

Using Marketing Materials and Effective Logo Design to Attract Consumers to Your Technology Company

We get it – it can be tough for a technology company working to get their tech to a wider audience to create effective marketing materials on their own, especially when faced with daunting tasks such as logo design or tradeshow booth design. Technology companies may feel that they don’t have the time to dedicate to brand development, although it’s essential in driving audience interest to your product. That’s where Design At Work comes in. Our expert team of logo designers and writers will help with brand development and content creation that will encourage your business’s growth. See how we work with technology companies to develop an eye-catching brand that drives business forward.


Logo Design from the Ground Up

When you have an innovative new product or technology development, the question immediately turns to how to most effectively use marketing materials to make the most of its impact on everyday consumers. The first answer is a simple one – your logo is the face of the company and represents who you are as a brand, so it’s important that it makes a unique statement.

Design At Work’s team of designers will take into consideration the story behind your company and the ultimate goal of your product. Our process involves first creating several logo options. Once a logo is chosen, we move forward in the design process by establishing colors that suit your brand, and incorporate the usage of these colors into your brand guidelines. What you’re left with is a logo that is appealing and direct, and ultimately tells the story of who you are as a technology company.


Making the Most of Your Tradeshow and User Conference Presence

Design At Work’s logo designers and content creation professionals frequently produce marketing materials for conferences, tradeshows and client events. Thus, we understand that technology companies rely heavily on word of mouth and face-to-face interaction with consumers to share information about their brand and innovative software and products. Our team will make the most of your space by developing an eye-catching tradeshow booth design that will make your organization stand out from the rest of the crowd. In addition, we’ll help spread the word about your tradeshow presence – through press releases, social media and signage to keep your company ahead of pack.


Developing a Brand Through Content Creation

It’s hard to know how to be straightforward about a company that is inherently surrounded by technological jargon, and how to translate that jargon in marketing materials into something easily digestible for consumers. Our content creation experts know just how to get to the heart of your story – we’ll listen to the reasons behind why you do what you do and work those unique reasons into developing your brand – from the logo design all the way to a mission statement and elevator pitch.