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Tips and Tricks for a Better Social Media Strategy in 2022

social media strategy illustration

Insights from Natalie Thayer, Senior Copywriter:

What makes a good social media strategy? We’re so glad you asked.

From tonal and stylistic quality to content cadence, there are several moving parts to your social media presence. Each element works together to build brand awareness, tell your story and connect your business with your ideal audience.

Social media is also fluid as new updates, trends and user habits shape the way that content is created and consumed. While it can seem challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of social platforms, the changes open the door to new opportunities for you to experiment and keep growing your audience. We’ve put together a list of three simple ways to upgrade your social media strategy for 2022.

Speak to Your Audience

The words you choose matter. Identify and research your ideal customer: what other brands do they buy? What are their personal and professional interests? What’s the biggest obstacle they face in their line of work? Speaking to their interests, expertise and pain points will help you better connect with them. But go easy on the industry jargon. Too many industry-specific acronyms or technical terms can have the opposite effect, causing people to tune out or feel disconnected. Aiming for a conversational tone is often the best bet for social media.

Be Authentic

Your company’s social media presence is a reflection of your brand. It should showcase your company’s personality and reinforce what sets your business apart. Authenticity tends to resonate with followers, with employee spotlights, behind-the-scenes videos and group photos often outperforming other content. This is especially true on Instagram as we’re seeing a shift away from hyper-stylized or staged images in favor of unfiltered content. A healthy mix of branded and in-the-moment content gives your followers more variety and can help encourage greater engagement.

Watch the Clock  

Want to make the most of your content? Pay attention to when it’s posted. Sharing content at optimal times throughout the day can help you reach a wider audience, making all that hard work pay off. Where this gets tricky is that each social media platform has a unique algorithm and different user habits. Many social media management platforms, such as Later and Sendible, have built-in tools to help you schedule your posts for the best times on each platform. These offer a great place to start, but we also recommend keeping an eye on your engagement levels and adjusting to your specific followers’ habits. For example, LinkedIn posts are expected to perform better Tuesday mornings, but if you notice your followers are more engaged in the afternoon, try scheduling a couple of posts later in the day. You can compare and contrast the results to determine how to schedule future posts.

Chances are, no matter your industry, social media plays an important role in connecting you with your customers. Taking the time to check-in and re-evaluate these three elements will allow you to keep refining your social strategy. So, stay curious, engaged and open — even as patterns shift and platforms change — to foster brand awareness and, perhaps better yet, cultivate loyalty.