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Top Four Out-of-the-Box Marketing Tips

When marketing your small or midsize business, don’t get stuck inside of the box — get creative! Make yourself more visible, add tools to your marketing tool belt and engage your audience through some of these often-overlooked marketing methods — all are easy, effective ways to promote your business.

Engage with Stories

The importance of maintaining an online presence cannot be understated. While it may be common knowledge that platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are all valuable marketing tools, what do you know about Instagram stories? This is a feature you don’t want to ignore. Use it to drive traffic to your business profile, share breaking news, host a question and answer session or let customers see behind the scenes. Either way you slice it, this is one piece of the pie you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

Be My Guest

What better way to extend your reach than by linking up with someone else? One of the easiest ways to get started is to find someone who’s willing to swap guest posts on social media. Other ideas include hosting a takeover on one of your accounts or considering a collaboration. By doing so you’ll be noticed by new eyes that have potential to turn into new customers.

Run a Drip Campaign

Ever wonder why you receive an email upon signing up for something or leaving an item in your online shopping cart? You can thank drip campaigns for that! This marketing technique refers to emails sent out to your customers based on various actions they take. This is an easy way to target specific groups based on behaviors. Best of all? Responses are automated which means less work for you!

Harness the Strength in Numbers

Pair up with another small or midsize business to create a referral program. You will send business their way while they send business yours. This works especially well for businesses that are in similar industries yet not in direct competition. For instance, maybe you’re the owner of a brewery wanting to drum up more business. By pairing up with the pizza shop next door you’ll increase traffic when you send your hungry customers to them for a bite to eat and when they send their thirsty customers to you for a cold beverage!

Want more ways to market your small or midsize business? That’s what we’re here for! Contact our team of passionate professionals to get started.

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