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Top Three Most Important Pieces of Your Brand

What does the word brand really mean and why does it matter? What it means. Your brand is all encompassing. Within it, your promise to your customer, your business’s persona and what differentiates you are all encapsulated. Branding your business is no laughing matter — it takes serious thought and critical analysis to ensure you get off to a good start. Why it matters. Customers need to know what your company is all about and as much as they need to know what sets you apart from competitors. Branding, when done right, allows for just about everything from building a loyal fan base to increasing sales and more.

Learn to Keep Your Promise

Customers need to feel that they can trust you. Think of your brand promise as an extension of your mission statement and corporate values. You may also want to think about what you can provide. Maybe it’s an innovative product or low prices. Or perhaps it is striving to be environmentally friendly or to offer superior customer service. Whatever it is, follow through on your promise and deliver. Even better, find a way to make your brand promise positive and emotionally based — a purposeful promise will go far.

Consider How You are Perceived

Your brand perception is generated by your customers. How do they view you? Not sure what they think? Find out. Consider a survey or analyze conversations taking place on your social media platforms to get a feel for exactly what customers are thinking and how they see you. This will allow you to garner valuable insight you can use to hone your marketing efforts accordingly.

Be Different

What sets you apart? Think long and hard about this one. If you are just like someone else within your industry or market, why should customers choose you over your competitor? In order to have a leg up on the competition, you’ve got to be different. You’ve got to provide something that others can’t. Studies show that companies with strong differentiator show increased growth — you won’t only stand out in a crowd but you’re marketing efforts will be directed at only the most relevant audiences.

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