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Frequency is Key When it Comes to Marketing Your Small Business.

The truth is, you should be consistently marketing your small business. While there are many free ways to stay in front of your audience, there are also paid opportunities to garner top-of-mind-awareness.

Your audience is like you. If you see an ad for your favorite band’s concert, see a new music video pop up on your Facebook feed, then hear their new hit playing on the radio, suddenly you find yourself humming the song. And you can’t seem to get the tune out of your head!

We know what you’re going through. In marketing, it’s called frequency, or the number of times you touch each person with your message. In a world of unlimited resources and mediums, you have to look for the perfect balance between frequency and reach, or the number of people that are exposed to your message, and target a specific audience with the right number of touches to get your product or service noticed.

Here’s some ways to keep your product or service in your customers’ minds:

  • Regularly emailing content in the form of monthly eNewsletters or eBlasts, serves as routine reminders to keep your business in clients’ minds.
  • Daily social media posts are a means to interact with your audience consistently, in a space where they’re comfortable and engaged.
  • Advertisements — both print and digital — help you pique interest and the attention of your audience.
  • A direct mail series will produce a better return than a one-off postcard.
  • Fresh website content helps position you and your company as a thought leader and source for relevant, current information.
  • Remarketing ads can be served up to website users after they’ve shown interest in your products or services by visiting your website, keeping you top-of-mind.

Make sure your marketing is a hit with these helpful tips:

  • Keeping your brand consistent across all forms of media provides a recognizable image for customers and promotes top of mind awareness.
  • Mixing and matching mediums improves results, so consider a combination of email, direct mail, print ads and billboards.

With a little Design At Work production magic, we ensure you won’t ever go out of your client’s minds. We help ensure the frequency and reach of your message is an instant classic and have customers singing along to your business’ tune! Contact us today to see how we can help!

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