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Top Three Reasons You Need Targeted Landing Pages

If you are looking to reach the varied groups within your audience, improve SEO and convert leads, you must consider targeted landing pages. Any good marketer understands that the job doesn’t end once visitors have found their way to your website. That’s where landing pages come in — a web page enabling you to gain a visitor’s information by means of a conversion form. See below for more on why you should consider targeted landing pages.

Target Your Audience

Often, your audience is made of various groups. Perhaps you have a product or service that can serve teachers but also nurses. How do you target each group individually? With targeted landing pages, you choose who you wish to reach. In this case, you would want to develop one landing page for targeting teachers and one for targeting nurses. Think of ways you’d like to appeal to each kind of customer and create your landing pages accordingly.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is critical to boosting organic traffic to your site. With the use of landing pages, you are given more opportunities to weave in more keywords. In turn, more visitors will be directed your way.

Convert Visitors into Leads

Now for the important part — what you’ve all been waiting for — using landing pages to convert visitors into leads! Studies have shown that targeted marketing efforts can greatly increase the amount of conversions you receive. With the use of landing pages, you choose where you want your visitors to…land! Instead of sending them to your homepage, send them to a customized landing page where you can gather important information about prospective customers relevant to their specific needs and incorporate the use of a lead-capture form.

Give visitors to your website a solid place to plant their feet. Reach out to our team of experts today to learn more about how your small business can leverage landing pages.

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