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Utilizing the Power of Patients in Healthcare Marketing

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Storytelling is part of human nature, and when told right, stories can be a powerful marketing tool healthcare companies can use to their advantage when promoting services.

Collecting patient experiences and strategically sharing them can be impactful. We’re talking every day, real people, telling your intended audience their opinion about the time they spent in your hospital, interacting with your medical staff. And people listen! First-hand accounts are compelling and promote the concept that patients aren’t just another number, but in fact, they’re the inspiration for what your healthcare company does.

Plus, if you showcase patient testimonials on social media, you’ll have the ability to quickly reach potential patients, family members, physicians and many other decision-makers in your industry. We’ve all heard about a video that’s gone viral. When healthcare companies showcase testimonials the right way, they have the opportunity to be viewed and shared just as many – if not more times – than an advertisement or billboard.

Healthcare companies looking to write their own storyline should consider these tips. A strong testimonial resonates with its intended audience because it’s honest, specific and relatable. When real patients share their experiences, there’s a truthful vibe that emanates from it and sticks with the reader or viewer. Creating a script and hiring actors takes away from the legitimacy of your campaign – and don’t think it won’t go unnoticed. There is power in authentic testimonials from people who genuinely want to endorse your healthcare company.

Also consider making video testimonials. These highly impactful clips put a face to the statement, and add to your credibility. Videos testimonials are also persuasive because your intended audience feels like they’re getting a recommendation from a friend or person just like them. When produced correctly, video testimonials can elicit strong emotions that make them influential.

Design At Work’s team has many strategies to help your healthcare company collect and use patient testimonials to the fullest. Contact our team today to hear about our recommendations and you’ll see why we’re one of the most prescribed marketing companies in Houston.

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