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Website Marketing: The Benefits of Pop-Up Advertising

When it comes to website marketing, pop-up advertising is probably the last thing a small business would think of to engage users accessing their site. Don’t customers find them annoying and invasive? The simple answer is: not always. In fact, there are many ways that pop-up advertising can work for your business. Today, the Design At Work team breaks down some of the key ways that pop-ups on your website can benefit your bottom line.

Pop-Ups Have a 100% View Rate

It’s a simple and obvious fact, but it’s true. Because they have to be seen to be closed, pop-up advertisements will be viewed by 100% of the people who enter your site. Even if you only get a small conversion rate from the ad, you’ll still be converting more people in total than you would through display advertising on your page, which are easier for customers to ignore.

Customers are the Most Engaged When They First Enter a Site

When a user clicks into your site, they’re at their most engaged – they’ve navigated to your site to explore more about your business and what they do. They’re at the point in their customer journey where they’re most likely to click through your ads – which is why a pop-up’s immediate prompt when they enter their site will be most likely to convert them.

Pop-Up Advertising Benefits Your Bottom Line

Depending on the goal of your pop-up advertisement, you can use them to drive sales, build your audience or learn more about who you’re targeting. For example, if you’re offering a discount on your products with your pop-up, this method of advertising could lead to more sales. You can also capture data from your clients by asking them to join your email list or provide feedback through your website pop-up.

Pop-Ups Are Low-Cost

Pop-ups are very easy to implement and maintain from a web design perspective, so they’ll come at a low cost to you. And with their high conversion rates and demand for user attention, that means a bigger return on investment for your business.

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