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Solid Website Writing and Design Takes Strategy.

Website writing and design may seem simple at first glance. After all, if a business owner knows the English language, understands what their company does and has a bit of computer know-how, a successful website should basically build itself — right? Not so fast.

The truth is, it takes a number of factors coming together just right to create a website that achieves its goals. It’s all about reaching the right audience, presenting the right message and getting information across in a way that makes people want to take action. The creative minds behind our Houston marketing agency have pulled together a few helpful tips you can use to craft a quality online home.

Keep Text Short but Strategic

Too much text can lead people to click away before getting to the real meat of what you do — and can cause you to lose out on business. Keep your text short, concise and written to a level your target audience will understand. For pages with a lot of content, consider breaking it into different sections, or bulleting out a few key points. Of course, search engine optimization (SEO) also comes into play. In order to help your site rank well among Google searches, you’ll want to incorporate keywords and phrases people will likely search for. Not only that, but you’ll want to use them often throughout the site. Consider working with a copywriter to ensure your website text covers all the bases. 

Looks Aren’t Everything, But They Help

Thoughtful design helps pull potential customers’ attention to all the right places and keep them engaged. Make sure each page features your logo someplace it can’t be missed, and be sure to adhere to your company’s brand. That means sticking to predetermined colors, fonts and related rules, such as avoiding logo placement on certain background colors. Keeping that branding front and center offers a number of benefits, such as giving people a way to immediately recognize your company when arriving at the site. A professional graphic designer can help you create a unique, eye-catching site that helps you stand apart from the competition.     

Consider the User Experience

Words and imagery aren’t the only important elements of a site. A website that’s difficult to navigate will have people clicking away (potentially to the competition’s webpages) fast. Remember, the fewer clicks it takes to get to the important information, the better. Avoid incorporating too many subpages into a site. If you must have them, make sure they’re easily accessible through the main navigation and targeted callouts or buttons. Successful website writing and design requires a bit of strategy, but it’s worth it when the business starts rolling in. If you have questions, or if you’re ready to get started on a website of your own, get in contact with our Houston marketing agency. We are always glad to help!

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