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Company Rebrand: Why Your Business Might Need One

Now and again, a business must rebrand. It can be tough to determine the right time for a rebrand and you may be uncertain about where to begin. If the idea of changing the look and feel of your business in any way makes you feel nervous, you are not alone. However, giving your business a fresh coat of paint can be just what it takes to get your name back in the spotlight and advertised as a reflection of how much you’ve grown and adapted over time, or to show a new sense of direction.

Moving Onward and Upward.

One reason a company might want to rebrand is if it’s under new ownership or has gone through a successful acquisition — one popular example of this is Verizon from companies GTE and Bell Atlantic. Rebranding because of a merger or combining of two companies can give off a refreshing new way of looking at the brand. Undergoing a company rebrand can also keep current employees feeling involved and encouraged while going through some internal shifts. Launching a rebrand to others within your industry also places your business at center stage and gives it the chance to stand out and announce itself as a business that has changed and looks forward to a new future made stronger, together.

A Change in Leadership.

On occasion, a new CEO or President may want to rebrand to reflect a new era of the business under their leadership. Federal Express, now known as FedEx is an ideal example of this type of change. Because the new CEO at the time in 1994, Fred Smith, wanted to create an immediately recognizable brand, the creative team responsible ultimately made one of the most distinct corporate logos and names of all time. Executing a rebrand because someone new steps in as CEO is not always needed but can have its benefits.

In with the New.

The truth is, time flies when you’re running a successful business. It is completely understandable if you may not have stopped to ask yourself whether your brand, name and logo still speak to who you are as a company. But if you find that your logo is outdated, your tagline no longer encompasses the business’ personality and your color palette no longer gives the punch you’re searching for, it may be time for a company rebrand. Just take a look at Pepsi. The soft drink brand has come a long way since its first-known name of “Brad’s Drink.” 

As a full-service marketing and advertising agency in Houston, we are familiar with small and large business owners who feel the pressure of wanting to recreate something jaw-dropping that also still aligns with the company’s goals, missions, vision and values. Your business is your baby, and we carry that with us throughout our entire rebranding process. The Design At Work team will live, eat and breathe your brand until we’ve created something you are proud to present to the rest of the world.

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