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AmCap Mortgage, Ltd.

A rapidly growing mortgage lending company needed to ramp up recruitment efforts and unite its 70+ branches behind one cohesive brand.

AmCap Mortgage, Ltd., a Houston-based mortgage lending company with more than 70 branch locations nationwide, came to Design At Work seeking a new brand that would simultaneously appeal to current employees, loan officer and branch manager recruits, and potential homebuyers. The company’s corporate executives wanted their new branding campaign to reflect both AmCap’s commitment to building a strong internal culture as well as its driving philosophy of “making good loans to good borrowers.” Design At Work delivered with AmCap’s new “Your True Partner” campaign.

The ampersand, otherwise known as the “and sign,” is the centerpiece of the AmCap brand. This symbol exemplifies a collaboration even greater than the word “and,” visually uniting two exceptional pairings throughout the company’s new marketing pieces. Moreover, it symbolizes the attitude of inclusion, team work and partnership on which the AmCap company was built. Along with this fresh visual brand designed around the ampersand, the new tagline, Your True Partner, exemplifies AmCap’s belief that building strong relationships ? both with customers and with employees? is the key to providing quality home loans.