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Aqua Car Spa

The Woodlands-area car wash desired updated look and new brand following a change of hands.

When new ownership took over Aqua Car Spa, the company decided it was time for a change. Although the business would continue to provide quality detailing, wash and lube services to the public, its owners wanted a look that distinguished the current company from that of the past, and which drew in new customers. Design At Work hit the ground running, developing a brand that touched on what mattered most to the company.

Aqua might have been a car wash, but it was also part of The Woodlands community. The company’s new tagline, “At Your Service,” touched on both aspects. It implied that employees would do what it took to get the job done right, and also hinted at the owners’ desire to support worthwhile community groups. The brand redesign included everything from a new website, to consistent and frequent email marketing and revitalized indoor signage. With its eye-catching colors and striking imagery — something that strayed from traditional car wash branding — these efforts truly set Aqua apart from the competition.