Independent Houston grocery chain bags a new brand and marketing as fresh as the produce and meats they carry.  

Food Town: Retail Marketing

Food Town, a Houston-based grocery chain with 30 area stores, sought to create a cohesive feel throughout its properties — and to improve a struggling public perception — following the purchase of another grocery chain. Design At Work dug in on a brand and message that highlighted what made the neighborhood grocery something special.

A new tagline, “It’s Your Town,” got to the heart of Food Town’s desire to give back to the communities it calls home. Not only does the neighborhood grocery strive to create an affordable, high-quality shopping experience, but to serve its neighbors through fundraising efforts and community service projects, too. Because, as they say, we “eat with our eyes,” Design At Work opted to incorporate strong visual elements, too. Big images of fresh produce, paired with vintage-y graphics and messaging that called out the grocery’s hidden gems, helped convey a store that offers modern-day bells and whistles — while maintaining its old-fashioned charm.

With fresh produce delivered daily, quality meats cut fresh in-store and full-fledged service centers that add convenience to customers’ days, Food Town has always gone above and beyond. Today, their marketing helps tell that story. A fresh new website covers the ins and outs customers want to know, while revitalized weekly circulars and eye-catching advertisements get word out about the latest deals. Inside, fresh colors and bold, friendly signage help point shoppers in the right direction. At Food Town, today — and always — it’s your town. 
Food Town Logo