Established Houston construction company digs in on a new brand and marketing strategy to help continue building business.

FUSED Industries: Construction Marketing

A long-standing construction firm specializing in industrial, civil and commercial work, FUSED Industries sought a marketing approach that not only brought its three divisions together in a cohesive way, but better communicated its full range of services. The Design At Work crew got down to business, building out a brand that delivered on both fronts.

A new tagline, “Single Source, Full Force,” drove home the company’s ability to handle every aspect of a client’s work with just one phone call. From land clearing and demolition to prepare a build site, to concrete construction and metal fabrication work, and even project management assistance to ensure safe, on-schedule work, FUSED has it covered. Design At Work paired bold, confident headlines with equally bold job site images in a brand that portrayed FUSED’s can-do approach. Meanwhile, by assigning unique colors to the various divisions, each stood out in its own — while blending into the company’s overarching look and feel.

With a trusted reputation in and around Houston — and a wealth of industrial, civil and commercial construction expertise — FUSED Industries is the single source companies need to get the job done. Today, their marketing helps tell that story. A new website positions FUSED as the industry leader they are, highlighting the company’s many services and placing high-profile projects front and center. Updated sales tools, such as PowerPoint presentations and company brochures, help communicate the company’s abilities during in-person new business meetings. At the same time, a fresh approach to email marketing and social media updates fosters that image of FUSED as clients’ single source, full force on the digital front, too.
Fused Industries Logo