A regional appraisal management company launches a new brand to show its vast capabilities and localized expertise.


Janus Valuation & Compliance, a regional appraisal management company based in Houston, Texas, sought Design At Work to create a brand that demonstrated the company's position as a leader in the industry. The company's executives wanted the brand to reflect Janus' unprecedented level of service so they could increase their client base significantly. Design At Work developed the "Place Your Trust" campaign to showcase Janus' unique qualities.

Since Janus’ compliance practices and level of service are a rare find in the real estate industry, the campaign centers around the idea of flipping clichés on their heads. The headlines and imagery illustrate a common cliché, while the messaging gives it a new meaning. The tagline, "Place your Trust," focuses on the company’s mission to provide the highest possible quality of service to help their customers stay compliant, while emphasizing to clients they can rely on Janus. Design At Work continues to emphasize Janus' value proposition through a regular email newsletter, blogging, tradeshow support and more.