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Baby, Are You Buyin’ What I’m Sellin’?


You’ve got killer products. Your staff can’t be beat. But what good does that do you when customers don’t know you exist? Retail marketing services from Design At Work will place you front and center, and gain your company the attention it deserves. Let customers know all you have to offer with targeted advertising they can’t miss. Amp up your online presence with a streamlined website that tells your story and sells your product. Keep your offerings looking their very best with custom-branded packaging. The sky’s the limit. What can the Design At Work team do for you?

Magpies Gifts

Houston boutique chain ready to go from the city’s best-kept secret to city’s best-known gift destination.

With nearly 30 years in business, Magpies Gifts, a family-owned gift shop with three locations around Houston, was ready to take business to the next level. The shop maintained a loyal following, but without a full website — and absence of marketing pieces that spoke to who they were — found it difficult to reach new audiences. Design At Work came onboard to develop a brand that got to the heart of the beloved shop.


Magpies prides itself on being more than a store. It’s a welcoming environment that encourages shoppers to visit, relax and enjoy the experience as they seek out their treasures. It was that mindset that led to their tagline, “Every Time’s a Charm.” With a light, airy feel, clever verbiage and plenty of product pictures, their updated brand embraced and emphasized the atmosphere Magpies had cultivated over time. Today, with help from a new website, email marketing pieces, social media presence and targeted advertisements, the store has grown its customer base while maintaining its sweet Southern charm.