Commercial furniture and interior products dealer needed new campaign to stand out in the market as one company.

McCoy Rockford: Commercial Retail Marketing

McCoy Rockford is not just a commercial furniture dealer, but a logistics company that outfits offices, schools and healthcare facilities with interior furnishings that engage, connect and inspire people. Through their strategic partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers and their own services, McCoy Rockford provides unique solutions for clients across all industries. Although they are the experts at what they do, McCoy Rockford felt their marketing was the missing link in their organization, which is why they turned to Design At Work.

Merging almost a decade ago, McCoy of Houston and Rockford of Austin wanted to be seen as one company with two locations. Design At Work created a new campaign to help McCoy Rockford stand out in the market as one company. A new logo was designed, visually bringing the two names together to reflect the one-company approach as well.

Currently, Design At Work is in the process of overhauling McCoy Rockford’s current website to not only be SEO-friendly, but user-friendly. To further promote McCoy Rockford as the go-to resource for commercial interior products and services, we have begun email marketing that ties to McCoy Rockford’s robust blog. We also are rebranding collateral including brochures and inserts and have revamped McCoy Rockford’s social media platforms. Additionally, Design At Work assists with all event marketing and promotion, from tradeshows to in-house presentations and networking events.
McCoy Rockford logo