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While you’re busy transforming your customers’ businesses with innovative technology and software, cutting-edge equipment and effective strategies, Design At Work could be transforming your brand. As a top advertising agency, Design At work delivers graphic design, copywriting, website design, PR management, email marketing and more, because, as you know, it’s important to drive results, and that’s what we’ll do. So the next time your company is ready to break ground on its newest innovation, you might want to think about breaking bread with Design At Work.

Power Costs, Inc. (PCI)

A software solutions provider to the energy industry needed to overhaul its image to look less “mom and pop” and more like the innovative, market-dominating company it had become.

As the premier supplier of essential software solutions for energy industry marketing, supply and trading firms, Power Costs, Inc. (PCI) was already one of the most trusted names in the energy business when they came to Design At Work. What they needed was an image that reflected their success and showed the world the market-dominating powerhouse they had become in their field.

Knowing they needed to revamp their brand in order to gain even more market share, PCI challenged Design At Work’s creative team to think outside the box to develop a campaign unlike anything their competitors were doing. Our answer: “Energy in Focus.” While the tagline speaks quite literally to what PCI provides its clients — a broad range of products to capitalize on their portfolio capabilities and see the energy market more clearly — the visual aspect of the campaign is far more conceptual. Utilizing nature images that subtly suggest that the forces of energy are present in every aspect of life, we also incorporated partial pixilation to hint at the technological side of the software company’s services. The pixilation on the images gradually fades, putting Energy in Focus and giving PCI an image that stands out amidst a sea of power grids and technical graphs.