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Prewett, Read & Associates

A Houston-based landscape architecture firm needed to develop and execute a consistent marketing plan to grow its business.

Prewett, Read & Associates, a landscape architecture firm based in Houston, Texas, came to Design At Work seeking a new, defined brand and marketing plan to grow business by gaining new clients and cross-selling services to current or past clients. The company’s co-founders wanted the brand to reflect the company’s highly respected reputation, experienced team and customizable services, so Design At Work created the campaign “Bringing Life to Design.”

The tagline, Bringing Life to Design represents Prewett, Read & Associates’ personalized approach and commitment to ensuring its clients’ visions are met, regardless of project scope or size. The imagery exemplifies the tagline. Inside the silhouette are detailed images of the landscapes completed by Prewett, Read & Associates. Therefore, the images visually express life with design. Along with the images, the campaign’s messaging shows how the company’s dedicated team and comprehensive services give clients the landscapes they imagined.