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Smart Plumbing

A Corpus Christi-based plumbing company was in need of cohesive branding and a name change to ensure success after its well-known owner took a step back from the business.

For Smart Plumbing, when it came to troubleshooting, repairing and installing plumbing equipment, nothing beat their experience. With more than 30 years in the industry, their goal was to provide quality products and dependable service that served customers well. Following a change in ownership, Smart Plumbing needed a way to communicate to current and potential customers that their commitment to quality was there to stay.

Design At Work joined with the company to develop a branding campaign that not only got that message across, but positioned Smart Plumbing as experts in their field. Their tagline, “The Pros Who Know,” instilled confidence in the company’s abilities, while the supporting campaign touched on the many reasons a customer would choose Smart Plumbing over the competition. With a new website, public relations efforts, updated flyers and other pieces branded with the company’s new look and feel, Smart Plumbing completed a successful transition and ushered the business in to its next exciting stage.