Well-known Galveston, Texas, restaurant and bar launches a cohesive brand to seamlessly merge multiple venues as one destination.

Island Famous: Restaurant Marketing

When Island Famous, a restaurant and hospitality company, originally came to Design At Work, they wanted to add a new venue to their existing bar and restaurant, The Spot, but knew they needed a unified brand and professional appearance to make it happen. Each added venue needed its own brand, but those brands had to fit together under one hospitality company. The result was Island Famous and “Five Venues. One Spot. All Beachfront.”

Design At Work has seen Island Famous through six different venue launches in addition to rebranding their original restaurant. The team continues to grow the Island Famous brand through menu design, website programming, email marketing, signage and more. Graphics and content reflect the vibe of the well-known Galveston Seawall destination, where you’re encouraged to enjoy great food and drinks on Island time.
The Spot Island Famous Logo