Pasadena, Texas, concrete construction company solidifies business with new
brand and website.


With a long history serving Greater Houston, T&T Construction, a family-owned company specializing in foundation work and concrete construction, felt ready to usher the already thriving business into its next phase. The company’s leaders were on the hunt for a brand that not only represented who they are, but spoke to T&T’s wide range of services — many of which their loyal client base knew nothing about. Design At Work created a campaign, "On Solid Ground," that established T&T as the industry leader it is.

T&T’s respected reputation, combined with the concrete work the company is known for, made its new tagline, "On Solid Ground," the perfect fit. Design At Work focused the company’s new look around hard-hitting headlines paired with strong imagery from actual T&T Construction jobsites. The end result is an eye-catching brand that instilled confidence in a company willing to take on the big jobs, and also making T&T’s full range of services fully visible. Thanks to marketing efforts such as an expanded and enhanced website, regular email blasts and educational collateral, today the company is bringing in new business — and standing on more solid ground than ever before.