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5 Ways to Wow Your Customers with B2B Marketing

Five ways to wow your customers with B2B marketing.

Outshine the competition, gain market share and make a name for yourself. A strong brand and marketing strategy helps your business do all three — and then some. Especially when roughly 90% of business decision makers ignore cold outreachhaving a solid multi-faceted marketing strategy can open the door to new connectionsWhen you want to sweep your customers off their feet, here are a handful of ways to improve your chances with B2B marketing.

Dig Deeper with Search Advertising 

Get strategic with your online ads. About 80% of people search for local businesses online — including B2B services. Increase your chances of being found by implementing a search advertising strategy. Whether you zero in on Google, or you want to branch out to other search engines, a solid search advertising plan will increase brand awareness and put your company in front of your targeted audience.    

Up Your Email Marketing Game 

Open the inbox to possibility. Effective email marketing can increase your email conversion rate and have a major effect on your bottom line. Once you’ve got an email list, you can send curated content to segmented groups, add personalization and run A/B tests to see what headlines, send times and messaging is connecting best with your audience. Plus, an effective call to action can move your emails from a standard 2% conversion to a 4% or higher conversion rate. Depending on the size of your list, this could turn into hundreds of new sales leads for your business. 

Build SEO-Friendly Pages 

Your website is often the first way a potential client interacts with your business, so you want to make sure it gets seen. Your site’s metadata and keyword strategy will go a long way toward making your company more visible online. Make use of product-specific landing pages, SEO keyword strategy, geo-targeted keywords and other techniques to improve the search engine optimization of your content. The SEO world is constantly changing and partnering with a marketing agency can keep your site fresh and relevant.   

Manage your Market Data 

With all the data available to companies these days, are you sailing your “data lake” effectively? Take stock of where your customer data is coming from — whether it’s direct feedback, surveys, social media comments, reviews or any of a hundred other places you’re getting information about your customers or clients. Take time to review, identify trends and analyze data to gain clear insights into your process. Understanding your current customerwill help you make better marketing decisions for the future  

Get Social  

Finally, don’t forget to build connections. Social media helps current and potential customers stay in the know and feel connected to your company. Why is this so important? Nearly 84% of C-level execs use social media to make buying decisions for their companies, according to a survey by IDG. Build relationships with potential customers by sharing useful, engaging content on social media. For the best results, stay on top of your posting schedule and share content on a regular basis.  

B2B marketing strategy has multiple layers. It may seem overwhelming, but with the right plan it can build a steady stream of leads and enhance existing client relationships. We help companies build and execute B2B strategies every day, and we can help you with a tailored plan for your business. Ready to wow your customers? Let’s connect and get the ball rolling.