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Year in Review: How 2017 Can Guide Companies in Marketing Houston Businesses

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As 2018 gets underway, many companies find themselves making resolutions — seeking ways to improve their practices, better their profit margins and make a difference down the road. While that forward-looking attitude is crucial in the business world, the past still has plenty to teach us. 2017 was a year filled with big events and teachable moments for companies throughout Houston. Here are just a few events that shaped the city’s year, and the impactful lessons entrepreneurs can take away for marketing Houston businesses in the future:

Super Bowl LI: Put Your Best Foot Forward
As the New England Patriots prepared to square off against the Atlanta Falcons, Houston readied itself to accommodate thousands of visitors. Improved infrastructure, cleaned-up public spaces and artistic touches created areas that felt both safe and welcoming. With praise across media outlets — and word of potential future Super Bowls headed to the city — those efforts sent a clear message: Going the extra mile can lead to a wealth of business opportunities.

Hurricane Harvey: Expect the Unexpected
While the record-breaking storm dealt devastation to businesses and individuals along Texas’ Gulf Coast, it also served as tangible proof that forethought can make a tremendous difference. Business owners and managers face a myriad of unforeseen obstacles, from potential cyber attacks to market ups and downs and, yes, the possibility of natural disasters. Thinking through such issues beforehand, and having an effective strategy and communication plan in place, can help minimize the effects.

Astros’ World Series Win: Hard Work Pays Off
It was the ultimate comeback story: A community still recovering from Harvey devastation winning big, and for the first time in the team’s history. Still, the Astros didn’t become world champions by chance. The title was only possible because of the team’s dedication to training, teamwork, workable strategies — and to pulling themselves up by the bootstraps when things didn’t go according to plan. It took plenty of work, and a lot of trial and error, just as is true in the business world.

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