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Can Public Relations help Business

How Can Public Relations Help Your Business?

Posted 4 weeks ago

There are many facets of public relations. Whether sharing more about your business or shining a light on an upcoming event, it’s all about building relationships to advance, promote and benefit the reputation of yourself, department and/or business. Exposure Public relations helps you to educate local and regional media outlets as well as the public … Continued

Chaye Deutsch

Meet Our Newest Team Members

Posted 4 weeks ago

At Design At Work, we hire some of the best talent around to help take our clients to the next level. Check out some of our freshest baby faces. Chaye Deutsch Public Relations Account Executive Hometown: Katy, Texas Favorite Movie: The Brothers Bloom Pets: A border collie mix rescue dog named Dr. Bruce Sprinkles Favorite … Continued

How to blog

How to Blog Online

Posted 4 weeks ago

From enhancing creativity and writing skills to promoting your business and making you a better person, starting your own blog online offers many benefits. Every day, 172,000 blogs are created which equates to two blogs per second. Blogs provide a great way to share your experiences, new business ventures and a connection with your current … Continued


The Not So Hidden Benefits of Being an Expert

Posted 4 weeks ago

If you have built a proven track record and established credibility in your industry, chances are you could position yourself to be an expert contributor. As a leader with years of experience and knowledge, various media outlets including magazines, newspapers and even radio and television stations will include articles or segments focused on relevant topics … Continued

Social Media Marketing

Is Social Media Marketing Important to My Business?

Posted 1 month ago

A little more than a decade ago, to spread the word about your business, you focused on press releases, ads and word-of-mouth. While these mediums remain important in today’s culture, the evolution of social media marketing demonstrates the need to be included in your public relations/marketing budget to ensure your business is in the forefront … Continued


The Keys to a Consistent Brand

Posted 1 month ago

When it comes to consumers, there’s one thing we can count on: They want consistency. Customers don’t like having the rug pulled out from under them. But consistency doesn’t end with a good product. It’s a key player in successful branding. Creating a logo isn’t enough. Your brand needs to make an impression. Are you … Continued

Posted in Branding, Marketing

Ideas that Click: Is Pay-per-Click Advertising Right for Your Business?

Posted 2 months ago

You’ve probably noticed those highlighted results that appear during online searches. Sometimes they’re in boxes along the side of the screen. Sometimes they’re a different color. These are pay-per-click ad results and, for many companies, they’re an effective way to drum up business. So how does it work? We’re glad you asked. Companies write up … Continued


Blogging Never Looked So Cool.

Posted 2 months ago

Now is the time to share your content. According to WordPress, over 409 million people read blogs monthly – which means your business can’t afford to opt out of this trend. Although blogs started off as forums for individuals to share interesting content, today, millions of blogs exist to share knowledge including tips, reviews, political … Continued