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Pump Up Sales With Website Popups

Posted 3 days ago

Optimizing Audience Exposure While most people agree that website popups can be annoying, statistics show that well-crafted popups can increase subscription and click through rates as well as enhance overall user experience. For digital marketing especially, it’s important to keep a balance between short-term conversion rates and long-term customer relations. You can have one without … Continued

Danielle Hicks

Spilling the Beans: Meet Danielle Hicks

Posted 1 week ago

Name: Danielle Hicks Title: Director of Account Services Time with DAW: 10 years in June Bet You Wouldn’t Guess: I love to cook. My Ideal Superpower: Mind reading! (I’d just want to be sure I could turn it on and off.) Wise Marketing Tip: Listen to your clients and customers. They’ll tell you everything you … Continued

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Year of the Dog? Not So Fast.

Posted 1 week ago

2017’s a thing of the past, and a shiny new year awaits. As we step into 2018 — the Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese calendar — Design At Work is putting our own spin on things. Our crew’s advice? Focus your company’s efforts on the BLOG. Here are just a few of … Continued

Year in Review: How 2017 Can Guide Companies in Marketing Houston Businesses

Posted 2 weeks ago

As 2018 gets underway, many companies find themselves making resolutions — seeking ways to improve their practices, better their profit margins and make a difference down the road. While that forward-looking attitude is crucial in the business world, the past still has plenty to teach us. 2017 was a year filled with big events and … Continued

Color Me Successful: Marketing Your Technology Company with the Right Color Palette

Posted 3 weeks ago

From staffing the best team members, to communicating with clients and staying a step ahead of the competition, there’s a lot that goes into running a successful technology company. Something you might not have considered? The ideal color palette for your logo, website and collateral pieces. Color plays a tremendous role in establishing a company’s … Continued

Healthcare Companies Strive to Develop Brand Loyalty Among Physicians.

Posted 1 month ago

Your healthcare company’s brand reputation is influenced by multiple sources, including the physicians who treat patients. Their devotion to your brand can be evident or absent, but ultimately is cultivated by the actions your healthcare company takes. Seek Their Input in the Messaging Creating a patient-focused brand without the input of the physicians who will … Continued

All the Bells & Whistles | Unwrapping the Gift of Marketing Agencies

Posted 1 month ago

The holidays are here and last-minute marketing has reached a fever pitch. As a business, it’s easy to get lost in the mix of cheesy jingles and blur of red and green. If the November-December retail rush has you frustrated, hiring a marketing agency can help you start the new year off right. With services … Continued

The More the Merrier

Posted 1 month ago

The holidays are about togetherness. After a successful 2017, what better way to bring people together and boost year-end sales than with festive, engaging promotions? Give back to loyal customers and bring in new ones with purchase incentives, refer-a-friend bonus deals and social media contests that encourage customers to share their personal ideas or experiences. … Continued

Marketing for the Hospitality Industry: SEO that Gets You Noticed Online

Posted 1 month ago

If you operate a business with an online home, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “search engine optimization,” or SEO for short. If you haven’t — especially if your business sits within the hospitality industry — it’s time to do your homework. Search engine optimization refers to the process companies use to boost their rankings … Continued

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Increase Your Healthcare Organization’s Top-of-Mind Awareness

Posted 2 months ago

Now, more than ever, Americans are researching healthcare information online. Just like any other business, health systems, individual hospitals, small practices or healthcare-related companies need to have a solid plan when it comes to marketing. In an industry as crowded as healthcare, taking advantages of marketing strategies will help your organization stand out – and … Continued

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