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Marketing Your Retail Business: Why a Responsive Website is Worth the Work

Posted 3 days ago

Modern technology is a miraculous thing. It places the power of the internet in the palm of the hand, keeps people constantly connected and provides retailers direct access to their target customers. At the same time, such advances require retail businesses to rethink and retool certain marketing approaches. Take, for instance, the responsive website. Responsive … Continued

Rebranding in the Healthcare Industry

Posted 1 week ago

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. With the inception of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the consumer base has not only grown, but it has become more educated regarding medical decisions. Because more choices are available when it comes to treatments, medications and physicians, healthcare brands need to seize the opportunity to market benefits and … Continued

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Spilling the Beans: Meet John Lowery!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Time with DAW: 27 years Hometown: Houston Favorite Movie: The Right Stuff Favorite Quote: If it is to be, it is up to me Hobbies: painting, camping, brush clearing Bet You Wouldn’t Guess: I don’t workout My Superpower Would Be: Never needing sleep Wise Marketing Tip: Be bold, be noticed, be persistent

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The science behind email campaigns

The science behind email campaigns

Posted 2 weeks ago

So, you put together an amazing email campaign. It has great content your audience will find intriguing and relevant. There are captivating images to draw people in. You thought of a killer call to action that is sure to motivate people to take action. But will anyone read or see what you’ve sent? Not if … Continued

Like a Pro | How Outsourced Marketing Makes Your Business Appear More Professional

Posted 2 weeks ago

In today’s white-collar industries, each communication, image and impression contributes to how your business is perceived overall. Whether you’re a management consulting company, technology firm or other professional services enterprise, your branded collateral—from your website and online presence to business card and letterhead—affects how potential clients view you. Many businesses keep marketing in-house due to … Continued

Social Media Management: Tips for Marketing Nonprofits

Posted 4 weeks ago

Non-profit organizations are admirable. They’re putting passion to work for a cause they believe in, they’re making the world better — and, for many groups, they’re bringing about that change on a shoestring budget. Social media marketing’s affordable nature can make it a non-profit group’s best friend, but generating the interaction you need to make … Continued

Marketing Tips for Professional Services Companies — Newsletters Topics That Captivate Your Readers

Posted 1 month ago

In a crowded marketplace, maintaining top-of-mind-awareness forms an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. For professional services companies, where a major portion of sales is driven by referrals, the stakes for keeping your company at the forefront in the minds of current and past clients, colleagues and others in your network takes on even … Continued

Health Care Companies Engaging Audience Via Social Media

Posted 1 month ago

The internet and social media are changing the way patients, doctors and health care companies interact with each other. With a variety of communication forums, the internet is really an extension of doctor/patient or professional relationships. From social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to professional networking on LinkedIn, to media sharing on YouTube, to … Continued