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Press Release

What Are The Key Components of a Press Release?

Posted 2 weeks ago

Press releases are designed to inform the public know of company developments, which can be key to garnering coverage by the media. When constructing a press release, it is important it looks professional by adding elements like a headline, subhead and date line. By adding these key components as well as making the press release … Continued

Ideas that Click: Is Pay-per-Click Advertising Right for Your Business?

Posted 2 weeks ago

You’ve probably noticed those highlighted results that appear during online searches. Sometimes they’re in boxes along the side of the screen. Sometimes they’re a different color. These are pay-per-click ad results and, for many companies, they’re an effective way to drum up business. So how does it work? We’re glad you asked. Companies write up … Continued


Blogging Never Looked So Cool.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Now is the time to share your content. According to WordPress, over 409 million people read blogs monthly – which means your business can’t afford to opt out of this trend. Although blogs started off as forums for individuals to share interesting content, today, millions of blogs exist to share knowledge including tips, reviews, political … Continued


How To Put Together a Press Release That Pops!

Posted 2 weeks ago

As you prepare to execute your company’s public relations strategy, one of the first things to focus on is writing an effective press release. A press release is designed to detail product releases, event announcements, highlight leaders, build company awareness and various newsworthy items a company produces, but is also intended to pique journalists’ interest. … Continued


Why Define Your Target Audience?

Posted 1 month ago

You know what your company does, the benefits you offer and your products’ features, yet, how do you know if your target audience does? Simply marketing your services and products to the general masses will most likely not help your company meet its goals, and it won’t ensure you’re reaching potential customers. Here are the … Continued


Reconnections and Resolutions

Posted 1 month ago

Tips for Helping You and Your Customers Succeed in 2017 Going into the New Year it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own resolutions. But do you know your client’s? The start of 2017 is a great, organic time to touch base with clients about what they want and how you’re doing serving their … Continued

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Meet Our New Faces

Posted 1 month ago

Jennifer SummersPublic Relations Account Executive 1) Favorite Movie: “Forrest Gump” 2) Hidden Talent: Photographic memory with people and places 3) If I Could Have a Superpower: Reading people’s minds   Chelsea AgeeProject Coordinator 1) Favorite Movie: “The Lion King” 2) Hidden Talent: I can say the alphabet backwards 3) If I Could Have a Superpower: … Continued

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Design At Work Welcomes Kenco Bucket Trucks as Newest Agency Client.

Posted 2 months ago

Kenco Bucket Trucks, a Houston-based oversized cargo escort and logistics service, has teamed up with marketing agency Design At Work (DAW) to update its look and brand. Kenco offers expert route planning and handling services for over-height and over-dimensional cargo transports across the country. They clear the way of power lines and other obstacles for … Continued

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