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Build Your Brand: What you need to know about branding and rebranding

Build Your Brand: What you need to know about Branding and Rebranding

Whether you’re branding a new company or rebranding to freshen up your identity, building a brand takes careful planning and thought. You don’t want to roll out your new brand before it’s finalized; however, you don’t want to be on a slow path to necessary change.

These days, a brand strategy is seen as a company’s be all and end all. It’s a way to outshine the competition, gain market share and really allow a business to make a name for itself. But before a company can dig in with a game-changing strategy, its leaders must understand the basics. Namely, what is a brand?

At its most basic, a brand is a company’s identity. It’s the way a company portrays itself to colleagues, clients and potential clients. It’s who the company is — or who it strives to be. That isn’t all, though. A successful brand features a whole range of moving parts, all geared toward putting an impactful message out there. We’ll lay out a few of them here.

Got a Tagline?

We’re all familiar with popular taglines, like “Just Do It.”, “It’s finger lickin’ good”, “I’m lovin’ it.” and “Because you’re worth it.” These short, snappy phrases are designed to catch a person’s attention and speak to what a company does. Taglines don’t have to be straightforward. In fact, the best ones are often tongue-in-cheek. Design At Work’s tagline, for instance, is “Grow Your Baby.” The idea behind it is, our clients’ businesses are their babies, and we’re helping them grow.

What’s Your Concept?

This is the general “thinking” behind the brand — theme, imagery and wording. A company looking to highlight the strategy it brings to the table, for example, might focus in on chess pieces and puzzles. One looking to incorporate the many possibilities it offers customers might opt for a fill-in-the-blank theme. Concepts can range from the incredibly simple, to the mind-blowingly creative. There is no limit. And depending on who your target audience is, you should develop a concept that will speak to them.

Have a General Look in Mind?

Consistency is key when it comes to marketing a company. Without it, messages become diluted and lose their impact. Consider every element of a company’s marketing — its website, brochures, signage and so on — individual pieces of the larger puzzle. While they should be able to stand on their own, they should also work together. They should follow the same color scheme, feature the same logos and hit audiences with similar messaging.

Have more questions about what a brand is? Think yours could use a little work? Just feel like talking with the DAW crew? Whatever the case, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today!