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5 Creative Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

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Whether you’re new to social media marketing or a seasoned pro, we know everyone can use a little inspiration and guidance sometimes. Instagram offers businesses so many ways to connect with customers — both new and returning — that the possibilities can feel exciting one day and overwhelming the next. We get it! And we’re here to help. To give you some ideas, we’ve compiled a list of five creative ways you can break the mold and encourage customers to engage with you on Instagram.

Share Testimonials

Your customers love your company for a reason. Help spread the love by sharing rave reviews and testimonials. Authenticity is key here. It shows that you value your current customers and helps build trust with new ones.

Take Customers Behind the Scenes

Speaking of authenticity, show your customers what goes into creating your product or running your business. Spotlight team members, provide a tutorial or host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. Showcase the energy and crew that brings your work to life so that customers get a better sense of the people behind the brand.

Go Retro

Tap into nostalgia. Is there a collective memory your customers might share? This could be a popular TV show, soundtrack or celebrity. Try creating original content inspired by those ideas, such as a throwback Spotify playlist or a vintage-inspired photo shoot. This probably goes without saying, but just to be extra safe, make sure to adhere to copyright laws and regulations.

Quiz and Question

A free quiz, challenge or trivia that relates to your brand offers followers a fun way to connect with your company. Plus, this method versatile. Quizzes can take a number of forms, ranging from a simple single-image post to a more complex, multi-page questionnaire, and you can add them to your profile, share them on your grid or use them in targeted ads.

Host a Giveaway

Encourage your followers to like, share and tag friends for the chance to win a prize connected to your products and services. When announcing the giveaway, be sure to follow Instagram’s promotion guidelines and include details about how followers can enter, how many winners will be selected and when winners will be announced. You may also consider partnering with other brands to offer a bigger prize and help increase visibility.

Instagram is a great platform to get creative. Tap into your current customers’ interests and experiment with new methods to create high-value, engaging content. Getting a pulse on what makes your customers tick will keep them coming back for more. Looking for more ideas? We’re here to help you think outside the grid. Let’s connect and start boosting your social media presence.