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Direct Mail Marketing

By now, it comes as no surprise to Design At Work that your business is your baby. And like most babies, your business is counting on you to speak up and be a voice for every message it would like to get across on its own. We know how much your baby means to you and we know that you understand what your baby is trying to say. The question you should always ask yourself is whether or not your target audience understands. Direct mail, nurtured the right way, has the ability to speak for your business in a language that urges consumers to act on your message.

Baby talk can be cute. But, not when it’s gurgling and getting in the way of what you really want current and potential customers to hear. Behind every baby should be a grown up voice.

Design at Work is in the business of growing babies and voices just like yours. In fact, we’re the baby growing pros of marketing. We help you and your baby to develop your voice from the first “gah” to the very last time you’ll every say, “gooh” with appealing direct mail pieces that speak clear and concise messages. From traditional brochures, letters, postcards and catalogs to innovative one-of-a-kind direct mail marketing creations that capture the attention of your customer, Design at Work covers it all.

Like most business owners, you probably look forward to getting down and dirty with the daunting diaper changing tasks of writing, designing, compiling mailing lists, packaging and distributing your direct mail piece into the homes and hands of the consumers you actually want to reach. Our team of graphic designers, copywriters and public relations gurus take on those tasks so won’t have to. It’s our way of helping you to develop your voice and grow your baby.

Stop all the baby talk. There are countless customers out there just waiting to hear what you have to say.

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